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3 Riders To Travel 25,000 Miles

3 Riders To Travel 25,000 Miles On Custom Electric Motorcycles What happens when three riders decide to tackle over 25,000 miles spread over 15 countries on converted electric motorcycles? It not only shows that electric vehicle technology is mature enough to handle long trips; it also shows traditional motorcycle companies...

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Adventurous motorcyclists to ride 40,000 km on electric bikes

Ben Miljure, Reporter @CTVNewsBen An adventurous group of motorcycle riders plan to go on a groundbreaking ride through 15 countries using all-electric touring bikes. The custom-built bikes forgo the usual roar of motorcycle motors – instead, their 88-horsepower engines create a high-pitched electric hum. With a top speed of 130...

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Overland Expo 2015: Motos by Bryon Dorr

While I might not be an adventure moto guy, yet at least (I do have a motorcycle license though), I’m always impressed by the hearty souls who throw a leg over an adventure bike and hit the road less traveled. Motorcycle travel exposes you to the elements in so many...

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