Adventurous motorcyclists to ride 40,000 km on electric bikes

Expedition Electric CTVNews
Ben Miljure, Reporter

An adventurous group of motorcycle riders plan to go on a groundbreaking ride through 15 countries using all-electric touring bikes.

The custom-built bikes forgo the usual roar of motorcycle motors – instead, their 88-horsepower engines create a high-pitched electric hum.

With a top speed of 130 km/h and a range of close to 300 kilometres, the motorcycles, which take five hours to charge, represent the leading edge of electric bike technology.

“I think it’s a step in the right direction. And one of our goals as a production is actually to be able to get out there and show green technology,” said JC Davis, one of three riders.

To showcase the technology, the group will ride 40,000 kilometres from the wilderness of Alaska down to the tip of South America.

Along the way, they will document their adventures for a reality show called Expedition Electric.

Rider Danell Lynn knows something about long motorcycle trips after setting a Guinness Record last year for the longest motorcycle ride in a single country.

She logged 85,000 gas-powered kilometres during that trip and says she’s excited to be going green for the next one.

“Something that actually attracted me to it is that it hasn’t really been done before and we’re on that forefront,” she said. “It was a really unique experience to watch all the other bikers go, ‘What is happening? What’s going on?’”

The team hopes to visit with Tesla founder Elon Musk at the Gigafactory in Nevada, where the electric car maker produces batteries.

“As we get closer to being back in that area, we’re definitely hoping to get in and have a conversation with the big guy,” said Davis.

The team stopped in Vancouver while testing their bikes, and plans to begin its trip on Alaska’s Dalton Highway in September.

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