The Riders


Expedition Electric J.C.

JC Davis leads an exciting and extroverted life. Since he was a child, he has been wholeheartedly embarking on adventure after adventure through his hobbies and multifarious professions. As he was growing up, he learned to act, ski, fly airplanes, and scuba dive. He went on to own five different businesses as an adult, feeding his fervor for fresh ideas, success, and teamwork. He is a true people person; now working as a life coach and ski instructor who loves to laugh and have fun. Piloting has also become a true fascination for him, in fact, anything that moves fast, floats, and has beautiful lines is a vessel for his brilliance. He can build anything from metal or steel. He has a penchant for traveling an open road, finding new and exciting challenges to face, and attracting new people to meet. You will always find JC chasing his fate with enthusiasm and creating new and exciting opportunities for himself and the world around him with every milestone he reaches.


Expedition Electric Greg

Greg Smith has a degree in engineering and a passion for travel, adventure, photography and nature- an important set of skills and interests for an Expedition Electric cast member. The road leading up to his decision to join the tour has been a bumpy ride for him. In 2007, Greg’s wife Cassandra was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. For six years, Greg stood by her side until she passed away in October of 2013. After years of devastation and grieving, Greg has risen like the phoenix to find a new life purpose: to pursue his dreams in travel, camp under the stars, explore new cultures, and develop new relationships as he rides into a new future.

Danell Lynn

Expedition Electric Danell Lynn

Danell Lynn joined the team while out on a Guinness World Record Adventure – 1 Woman, 1 Bike, 1 Year – all 50 states and Canada. She had been riding around the US for 8 months when she meet the Expedition Electric team and immediately said yes to the journey south. (

She has traveled her entire life and visited more than 43 countries, doing humanitarian work on 4 continents, solo journeying on motorcycle in Costa Rica, Cuba, USA, and riding a 2-up through Argentina and Chile. She actively pursues a life of non-conformity, looking at comfort-zone living and taking off in the opposite direction.

She has received awards from the First Lady of El Salvador, she was nominated for a Governor Arts Award in both 2011 and 2014, and she has been featured on numerous television news programs, newspapers and radio shows such as CBS, FOX-AZ, FOX 10-Sports News, AZ-AM, KNAU-NPR radio, NPR-weekend Edition, and Good Morning Arizona.

She is a founder and director of two humanitarian organizations: Highwire and Threading Hope. She wrote two books on her projects and the countries impacted entitled Philanthropic Wanderlust and Purposeful Wanderings. She is the president of DL-Couture, a black tie women’s design house. She has worked as a publisher for 2 Wheeled Wanderlust, an adventure Motorcycle Magazine. She has been called a serial entrepreneur and holds degrees in Art, Psychology and Education.

Danell is also a public speaker providing motivational lectures on national and international forums and has spoken at expos, elementary schools and universities around the nation.

Mark Hall

Expedition Electric Mark Hall

Action Sports Photographer/Videographer

Mark is a self-confessed action sports junkie. He thrives on the adrenaline of both the thrill of the sport and the thrill of the perfect shot. As a Whistler based photographer and videographer, Mark strives to capture the essence of the human spirit in motion. Whether it’s mountain biking, kite surfing, snowboarding or hydro-foiling, Mark is there with camera, video and passion.For the past three years, Mark has been traveling and shooting photos at various kite surfing locations around the world. Mark’s photos have appeared in multiple kite surfing magazines, and are featured on picture walls around the world.