Three riders on 3 prototype custom built fully electric motorcycles embark on a epic adventure to test this groundbreaking technology and themselves.

A team of 3 riders will undertake a challenge that has never been attempted; to travel over 25,000 miles, through 15 countries on custom built green technology electric touring motorcycles. The production crew from Diamondhead Films will capture it all in high definition.

Leaving Prudhoe Bay, Alaska August of 2016 and arriving in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, this 8 month trip will follow a colorful group of characters as they put themselves and their prototype machines to the ultimate test of endurance in some of the worlds most exciting, beautiful and dangerous locations.

The journey will take the viewer on an epic adventure while showcasing existing green technology and exploring others along the way in order to illustrate the possibilities of alternative energy in real world applications. Paired with the unique challenges of purely electric powered machines, this adventure will test the riders both physically and mentally as they deal with the ultimate highs and the inevitable lows associated with a challenge of this magnitude. The result will be a captivating television series that epitomizes the human spirit………triumph over adversity.

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