An Epic Adventure.

Three riders undertake a challenge that has never been attempted; to travel over 25,000 miles, through 15 countries on custom built green technology electric touring motorcycles.

From the entire team of Expedition Electric, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you that have followed and supported our project so far. It is a journey.

We are currently working on funding and we have some really exciting possibilities.

Lightning motorcycles is working on a production styled dual sport motorcycle that we would be able to use and test on the next trip.

Speculation is that we’d be able to build a bike under 500 pounds with a range of approximately 200 + miles and 100 hp.

The Producers of the project continue to work hard on selling the concept to a network. That said, we are always open to suggestions and ideas.

As of right now we do not see a possibility for the 2018 season. The journey from Alaska to Argentina on electric motorcycles is something that will happen. The question is when. Stay tuned.

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The Riders

Expedition Electric J.C.


Expedition Electric Danell Lynn

Danell Lynn

Expedition Electric Greg

Greg Smith

Arctic Circle to Ushuaia, Teirra del Fuego, Argentina

25047 miles

The Test

Our route takes us through some of the most remote and punishing terrains in the western hemisphere.

The journey will take the viewer on an epic adventure while showcasing existing green technology and exploring others along the way in order to illustrate the possibilities of alternative energy in real world applications. Paired with the unique challenges of purely electric powered machines, this adventure will test the riders both physically and mentally as they deal with the ultimate highs and the inevitable lows associated with a challenge of this magnitude. The result will be a captivating television series that epitomizes the human spirit………triumph over adversity.